What are you doing?

The flurry of productiveness that grabbed me yesterday must have dissipated because I spent most of the morning playing with this website and its tagging features. At 43 Things, you can make a list of things you want to do in your life, places you want to go, or things you are consuming. Those of you reading this blog the old fashioned way may have noticed my links disappeared, only to be replaced by things I am consuming at the moment. After adding an entry, you can add tags or a message about the item. You can give people advice on their goal or give them a “cheer” if you think it is a good idea.

I like seeing how other people discuss their hopes and the way that tagging is used on different entries. I love words and the various ways we use them. I am entranced by the tidbits of life we leave behind every place we visit, in person or on the web, that give clues as to who we are and what is on our hearts.

–Jane, back to work young lady