Today, Friday the 28th of October 2005

Reasons why today has been “interesting”:

  • I woke up this morning with a lingering migraine, lovely
  • Because of the above I skipped my morning coffee, Arg!
  • I thought the class I was teaching at 11 was at 10 and thus started freaking out when no one showed up, only to check my schedule and realize they wouldn’t be here for another hour
  • The class came and all was well… until I misspelled beauty three times in a search and forgot how to spell raisin (did I mention the headache) but they laughed and that I can handle
  • I feel like I am trailing my head around on a string; it is always about 3 seconds behind the rest of me resulting in the above hilarity
  • I still have a meeting with faculty, a desk shift, and a student coming for help – I am unsure of how functional I am for any of that

The reason why none of the above matters:
While helping a student one on one after class, she recited a poem for me as we discussed the genius of Maya Angelou. I love my job.

–Jane, headless or no, today will be ok

p.s. In my first draft of this, I misspelled misspell.