I am home from work today taking a “mental health day.” Translated to , “If I do no get all these boxes unpacked before my future in-laws get here, I might kill myself if Mr. Rochester does not do me in first.”

I plan to unplug from the computer, lovingly unpack my books (which I miss when they are away), drink coffee in my pjs, and catch up on all my TiVoed Gilmore Girls from the past month. Hooray!

Last night, Mr. R and I played the tutorial for Civ IV and WOW. All the upgrades for this version are great. I can’t wait to play against him tonight for real even if he will kick my sorry arse all over the globe.

True geek love: Mr. R went to buy Civ IV for himself last night and brought me home a surprise: really nice headphones with an attached microphone for game playing. I knew I was marrying him for a reason.

–Jane, those boxes are callin’ my name