Reflections On One Year

In my post regarding my one year anniversary, Rick the Librarian asked me what I have learned, what has changed, and if my expectations were upheld. Work and Life have been eating away my fun time, soon I will be back to loafing around, but I decided that Rick the Librarian’s questions merited an answer a la post.

I have learned that the voice you start out with may not be what you end up with in the end, or the middle for that matter. I started out with no clear purpose and, though I still stray to many topics, my purpose has changed. I have found my stride and my voice. In real life, I am a nice person who always smiles and only says out loud the snide remarks in my head about half the time. Here, in this space, I am often snide, sarcastic, and I tell the truth as I see it in a snarky way. In real life I still tell the truth about my opinions, but I am a bit more judicious.

What has changed is that I no longer really care if people know who I am in real life. I have been ““outed”” by my dean and it is no secret at work that I blog. I have not given up Jane because she keeps me honest and makes me laugh. Jane will be with me for a very long time.

I had no expectations from the beginning so all the joy I have gotten from this exploration have been a surprise and delight.

And for a bonus: I blog because I have to write something. I have to empty my thoughts on paper or they may one day drown me in the swirl of their demanding voices. By committing my words to paper, I give them life and free myself.

–Jane, tra la la