Jokers to the Right

The overnight ended with no significant injuries being sustained by any one party. Here are the highlights of the evening, for your reading pleasure:

  • Not even 30 minutes into the shift, the cops came and arrested someone right in front of our table. It was amusing. We just kept checking IDs of new people walking in as if there was not some belligerent man getting arrested. Ah, normalcy@your library.
  • I finally got to go down the handicap ramp on a wheeled chair, twice, and it is just as much fun as I thought it would be. There is video of this.
  • Just in case there is any doubt that people eat all kinds of foods in the library, regardless of a “strict” no food policy, I take pictures of the trash cans overflowing with fried rice, pizza (and we spend some time trying to figure out how a whole pizza box got past the front door), crackers, lattes, bagels, you name it, I saw it.
  • Trivial Pursuit the 90’s gets busted out about 4 am. We surprise ourselves with our knowledge, until my fatigued brain thinks that the answer to a question must be the capitol of Japan and I am under the belief that Singapore is said capital. This is when I realize my brain is no longer properly functioning. As if this is an indication, I, sadly, do not win the game.
  • I got home safely and went to bed.

That’s all. Not too much, not too little.

–Jane, thinking about going to bed

updated: Never blog when you are very tired. You end up using multiple verb tenses and making generally no sense whatsoever. I think I found all the weirdness in the original and fixed my mistakes.