Book Review – Eldest

Eldest by Christopher Paolini
This is the second book in The Inheritance Trilogy

The second book in the series and the longest so far stood up to the promise of the first. Paolini has a beautiful style and sense of diction that make reading his works a joy. He does borrow greatly from Tolkien, mostly creatures, but I do not find this as troubling as others. I think that most fantasy writers must borrow from Tolkien in some respect as he is widely considered the father of the genre.

Eldest continues the story of Eragon, a young man forced to carry burdens he did not expect, and Saphira, a dragon and one of the last of her kind. They have just lived through a vicious battle that leaves Eragon severely wounded and dispirited. The pair travel to the home of the elves where they are to complete their training. There are, of course, many, many surprises along the way and many questions are finally answered.

Paolini has succeeded in writing not just another book about dragons, but a book that is as unique as its characters and mythology. I love this series and hope that the movie will do the books justice.

Highly Recommended – especially if you like fantasy, but even if you do not

As a final note, this is considered a YA book, so it will not be in the adult fantasy section at the bookstore or library.

–Jane, shur’tugal