The Unique Qualities of Engineers

Warning: Becoming involved/related in any way to an engineer will result in the following:

  1. Ingredients for every recipe, including something as easy as green bean casserole, must be measured precisely. For extra fun, have the respective engineer convert the measurements to metric and then find out, given the density and content of green bean casserole, if it would survive re-entry into the atmosphere.
  2. Everything that requires a plan, is planned in excruciating detail and there is a formula to prove that the plan is sound.
  3. Not only must food be precisely prepared, but a meal that should require about 10 minutes to make, takes about an hour because the shredded cheese must rest just so and be in proper proportions to the chicken and sauce.
  4. You may find yourself with someone who can only express complex thoughts in a programming language or with the aid of graphs. Keep in mind that hearing “I love you” in relation to a formula and pie chart (I love you more than Civilization IV) is not as romantic as one might think.
  5. The OCD tendencies of your partner will rule the rest of your life.

–Jane, still loves her rocket scientist, regardless of the above