Holiday Boredom

In true library fashion, we are open, but I think the employees outnumber the patrons by an easy 10 to 1. This reflects how I am feeling at the moment. I have aimlessly wandered the web today, read my feeds, and now I think I must actually do a bit of work before I die of boredom.

Tonight begins the Christmas revelry. Mr. Rochester and I will go to his sister’s house for the first of many evenings filled with food and drink over the next week. Mr. R will try to drown his mother’s voice by drinking too much wine and I will end up driving home. Ah, family. They make you curse genetics and life.

Tomorrow, the cutest dog in the entire world will be in my possession.

–Jane, really, if I was any more bored I might resort to just typing stuff like “Thbbbppppp!” into posts