Tis’ the Season… for unusually hot weather

Christmas here in H town was warm, about 70 degrees, but that did not stop us from drinking hot mulled wine while we opened presents. I must have been good because I got all the things on my list I really wanted. Now if only Santa could bring a winning lottery ticket and world peace, I’d be set.

Mr. Rochester and I expanded our family by one Nebolish Mastiff puppy who likes to eat, sleep, poo, and eat my toes. He is cute and received more presents than either Mr. R or myself. I know that by the time I have kids, my parents and in-laws will have completely negated my existence.

I am goofing around with Word Press and the new site, not with much success, but I am working on a learning curve. My only plan for this week, besides laying around in my pajamas and watching my puppy, is going out with some old friends from high school.

–Jane, watching Firefly… again