Monday, Monday

I am sitting at home while the pest man takes care of the wee mice that have inhabited my attic.

I finally installed my digital camera software and uploaded my New Year’s pictures to Flickr. Looking through the pictures reminded me of how much fun it is to sit around for three days drinking, laughing, and eating yourself silly with your favorite people in the world.

I got a phone call from a friend of many years on Saturday. We do not share political views, but he is my favorite person to discuss politics with and bat around ideas. He has worked in different areas of politics, from campaigns to the Peace Corps. He called to tell me that he just got a new job with the State Department and he will be stationed in Baghdad as a liaison to the American and British Press. I am excited that he has been given this opportunity, but worried.

I do not agree with our president and I do not agree with the war we are currently conducting, but I support my friend in his endeavor. Good luck, be safe, come home quickly.

–Jane, peace be with you