Midwinter Schedule

I know you are absolutely dying to know where I will be so that you may stalk me as I mingle and gulp margaritas. The following is a list of places I may or may not appear:

1:30-4:30 OCLC Extreme Makeover
6:00 LITA Happy Hour
Jan. 21st    
10:30-12:30 IC Discussion Group
1:30-3:30 IS Education
1:30-3:30 BIGWIG
1:30-3:30 ACRL/ULS
8:00-10:00 Top Ten Tech Trends
8:00-10:00 IS Education
1:30-3:30 Top Ten Tech Trends
6 OCLC Blog Salon
8:00-10:00 LITA Town Meeting
10:30-12:30 LITA Emerging Tech IG
5:00 C&I Readers

You might notice that a few things are at the same time, indicated by italics. Due to committee responsibilities, the meetings in italics will only be graced with my presence should other meetings be cancelled or blown to smithereens.

–Jane, the above is a joke and not a real threat. seriously.