Midwinter Odds and Ends

Last night was the LITA Happy Hour and, as seen in these pictures, a good time was had by all. Karen G. Schneider bequeathed upon me a “radical militant librarian” button so that none might mistake me for a calm reasonable person.

After some fellow librarians from MPOW realized that we were the last LITAers in the bar, we found our way to a recommended sushi place down the road. The meal was excellent, the sake warm, and the discussions hilarious.

This morning I attended the Information Commons IG, which was less diverting than I would have liked. I spent the majority of the talks looking at other things and trying to rework my notes from the OCLC Extreme Makeover: Rebranding an Industry session, which was very diverting.

I attended my Instruction Section committee (Professional Education Committee) meeting which was not quite as bad as anticipated. I was mostly anxious because this committee coincided with BIGWIG. The former meetong was over by the time I got to it. The Professional Education Committee is reviewing the list of library schools that teach an information literacy classes. The data is interesting, but because we are constricted by being an ACRL affiliate, there is very little we can do with it. Thank you, ALA bureaucracy.

Tonight, I am off with the crowd from the previous night to my very favorite Mexican food place, (that distinction means a lot in Texas) La Fogata. I can not wait for those margaritas.

–Jane, they even put pretty flowers in the drinks