The Annual Gathering

A non-ALA post so that my friends know I was thinking of them.

Every year, for a very long time, my group of friends from college have a party in January. It is focused around a particular person’s birthday, though we never needed a reason to act like infants who have had waaaaaaaay more alcohol than the normal person should consume. Many of my fondest memories occurred at these parties.

This year the party is tonight and I am not in town for it.

So, gentleman, ladies, have fun at Jas??? without me. Make sure someone takes incriminating photos for later public humiliation. Give Y a good send off and J proper birthday greetings. If someone tells you it is just water, never believe them. Be wary of the punch. Do not kill my dog or destroy my sister-in-law’s house.

–Jane, we are old enough to know better… I think