Dinner and Drinks

Saturday Evening:

I had dinner with some librarians from MPOW, much the same group as the previous night, but we had more departments represented this time. Conferences seem to be one of the few times that we can all get together, share information, and talk about ways we want to make our library better. It is sad that we have to travel away from home to do this. There is power in numbers and we may yet change the world. I have faith.

Last night, I ended up at the place to be in town. In a hotel with much history, the Menger, I attended a party with many muckity mucks from TLA (the Texas Library Association). We had the current president, a former president, and a gentleman, named Steve who is running for TLA President this year. Steve is very nice, knows how to throw a smashing party, and should get your vote.

–Jane, enjoyed more of the company than the drinks for once