Sunday Wrap-up

So far San Antonio has been good to me. We are staying in a great hotel that is very nice for the price, feeds us a good breakfast, and they have free wifi. Internet is a must, but free wifi is very nice. It is cloudy today (oops make that raining), but I am planning on visiting some vendors and laying low until the Top Ten Tech Trends this afternoon.

Later in the day….
I spend most of the day talking to various vendors and missed the Top Ten entirely. I am sure there will be plenty of blog coverage so I am not too concerned. I was able to chat with some very nice people I met at Annual including:

Better World Books – I love these guys. They take discards and unwanted gifts from libraries and sell them, returning a portion of the profits to the library and recycling the rest. As a bonus, they are super nice.

EBSCO – I told them to get rid of some thing in their link resolver, called LinkSource, that is distracting, unhelpful, and placed foolishly. The nice lady I talked to wrote it all down so I hope she was seriously giving that to the programmer.

Greenwood Publishing – They have a new database coming out that I want for my African American Studies collection.

Those are the ones I remember off the bat, but there were many more. Karen talked to a group that has an open source federated search tool that looked really neat. I am saving the best schwagg for a separate post.

We ate a very late lunch, came back to our hotel, and napped. We have to be our best for the Blog Salon.

–Jane, rarin’ to go