Sunday Morning at Midwinter, wishing for my bed

It is 8 am and I am sitting in the LITA Town Hall Meeting. In case you did not understand the miracle of the previous sentence, let me repeat. Eight. O’clock. In. The. Morning.

On a normal day this would not be such a feat but there was much adventure last night and I am paying for it this morning.

I went to the Blog Salon last night and the fact that no one ran screaming as I entered the room was a good sign. I did have a random conversation involving the discussion of cheese. Specifically, that in Texas large amounts of cheese with stuff thrown in the mix becomes an acceptable appetizer in almost any situation. I, of course, took it to the wrong level and offered to dip my beer in the cheese. I really should be left at home on nights like that.

I met a couple new people. One being Meg 2.0, who was experiencing her very first Blog Salon. I gave her some pointers on what not to do. Michael McGrorty, who is an absolute gem, and I kept missing each other and then I was finally free he had disappeared. I guess I will have to wait until Annual (if he comes) to have a chat. I have a couple of pictures for him though. I must get those uploaded to Flickr.

Walt Crawford remembered who I was and spoke to me as if I was a sane and reasonable person leading me to conclude that either a) I actually am a sane and reasonable person or b) he is a raving lunatic. I am currently undecided which statement holds more truth. (of course I am joking, people) We discussed some current discussions going on in the biblioblogosphere, namely Library 2.0 which everyone is talking about with varying degrees of devotion.

Karen, Jessamyn, and I left the party and headed to Mad Dog Pub where we ate, drank, and discussed everything from ALA council, technology in rural areas, and what was going on with us. Jessamyn left, out of self preservation I think, since soon after her departure the group from the past couple of nights joined us. We moved to Pat O’Brian’s were we consumed, laughed uproariously, and made inappropriate comments to each other. Incriminating pictures to follow.

Thus I am awake, barely, and feeling like someone has beat me with my behemouth of a laptop, and my group has decided that I have to speak in front of everyone to report our discussion. Great.