Marriage Class

Not only is it Monday, but I fear that my allergies have turned into a full blown cold. *sneeze*

On a lighter note, Mr. Rochester and I are attending classes for Nearly-weds and Newly-weds at our church. They are pretty standard in many churches whenever a couple wishes to marry. You learn how to communicate effectively and about personality traits, but there are also discussions about the physical aspect of marriage: sex.

I know I am an adult, but when the minister said intercourse last night in a discussion on physical love, (one of the 5 important kinds of love in a marriage, the others being romantic, friendship, belonging, and self-sacrificing) I wanted to giggle. My inner self reverted back to junior high when fart jokes were still funny. We were in church! And someone said sex!

The minister, still in the context of the above discussion, said that sometimes, in love, you have to do things for your partner that you would not do otherwise. I wanted Mr. R to look at me so I could make a crude gesture and get him to laugh. Alas, he knows me too well and refused to look at me.

Despite my best efforts, we behaved for the duration of the class and did not call any undue attention to our foolishness. One of these days, I will act my age, but not today.

–Jane, silly at the best of times