Except for Bunnies

I just called Fry’s, the mecca of all things geek to ask if they had iPod accessories (I need a cable for my Shuffle) and I had the following conversation:

Lady: Hello, this is Fry’s can I help you?

Me: I have an iPod Shuffle and I was wondering if you carry the docking station for it or the flexible USB dock?

Lady: For what?

Me: An iPod Shuffle.

Lady: An iPod what?

Me: Shuffle.

Lady: Is that like a computer?

Me: No, it is an MP3 player.

Lady: A radio?

Me: No, not quite. It is a little device that plays audio files from the computer. It is little and fits in your hand.

Lady: Ok, hold on.

At this point I am put on hold for awhiiiiiiile. Then a man answers and I repeat my original question. He knows exactly what I am talking about and takes my number to check the shelf.

Now, I ask you, gentle readers, even if I was not calling the Mecca of Geek, what kind of hole must you live in where you would not know the word iPod or MP3? Seriously. I want to know where this hole is so I can go and spread the geek love.

–Jane, some things are not explainable