Take One Down, Pass It Around

Excuse me while I run outside to see if it is snowing (I live in Houston, remember) because my library just decided to do away with its food and drink policy. Hallelujah!

I have been grumbling about this since I got here and I am glad we have finally all realized, or at least the people that make the rules have realized, that students use our space in ways that we do not intend or imagine. If we want to compete with other venues for their time and presence, we must make it enjoyable and be nice to them. I would be mad if I was told to take my coffee elsewhere.

Recently, we had a student pour his drink out on the carpet when asked to dispose of it and another student tried to fistfight one of our student workers over bringing their food into the library. These confrontations are just a symptom of the problem. At some juncture, we have to treat our students like adults and expect them to clean up after themselves.

It goes along with that whole customer service thing. Customer Service is good.
–Jane, free to strut through the lobby with lunch in hand