It’s Only a Theory

In October of 2005, George C. Deutsch, a young Bush political appiontee to NASA, told the web designers to place the word “theory” before every mention of the Big Bang on the NASA website. This of course, pissed off a bunch of people.

On February 6th, 2006, Nick Anthis of The Scientific Activist (a blog) posted the revelation that through some simple research he had found that Deutsch never graduated from Texas A&M as his resume claimed. In fact, he never finished college at all! The New York Times also has the story here. You can see the story as it unfolded in NASA Watch here. (Thanks for the heads up, Mr. R)

Thank you Mister Bush. For appointing a man who did not go to college to a position in which he was able to censor what scientists told the public. I really appreciate that… a lot. Of course, telling people what to believe is something you think you do quite well.

–Jane, she is just a theory