Out of the Mouth of Babes

Warning: a word in this post may cause it to be blocked for those of you with Nazi filters in your workplace.
I am obviously taking a break from working to amuse you this afternoon.

My friend and fellow Mimi Smartypants fan, sent me this excerpt because she believes this is how my kids will behave: About her daughter Nora

For some reason she has been drawing the sexual organs on her drawings of people, which is probably going to get us another sideline “talk” from the preschool teachers before long. When I asked her why she always draws the penis on her figures of Daddy or her little male friends, she got exasperated and said, “That’s how you know they are BOYS.”

(scroll down the section entitled, Valentine’s day)

Nora has a point, but I do not think I should make people drop their pants to make sure they are boys. Unless you are playing the Pat game and then this could come in handy.

Jane – one more laugh before I go