Fixing the Life Force

Library 2.0 may not get old any time soon but you may be tired of hearing about it. Enough of it, you say. Let us stop and have some nice hot tea and talk about something else.

Library 2.0 is not going away but this is not a post about how wonderful Library 2.0 is and how we should all dance around the Library 2.0 Maypole. I want to talk about actual implementation of something wonderful, new, and useful: a Library 2.0 Website. John Blyberg, who will be presenting on Patron Power at the HigherEd BlogCon, has a beautiful post on what a Library 2.0 web site includes. His list is simple yet complete.

  • Social Software
  • Open Source
  • Single Sign-on
  • Open Standard
  • Integrated OPAC

Go read the post and be enlightened. Read and take the ideas to heart. Think about your website and what it could grow up to be.
–Jane, dreams in Library 2.0