On Diving Without Checking for Water First

I have spent the past two days writing about various aspects of technology in libraries and I seem to be spending a significant portion of my time with friends and coworkers discussing technology and the issues that surround this topic. Oh, the issues! Oh, the humanity of it all! Oh, if we could just get some people to come over to our side, life would be great.

I know that change scares people and many times resistance is a cover for ignorance in the process. With some careful explanation and shared knowledge, sometimes barriers can be overcome. Sometimes they are torn down triumphantly and David Hasslehoff will sing while dancing upon the wall. Unfortunately, some people will never be swayed and we have to let them go.

The above sounds very zen and calm and sometimes I am, even though a litany of umpleasantries is floating beneath the rim of my brow. I have to breathe deep and remember that I too can be patient and kind.

This is, dear readers, not a reprisal on any one person, just a reminder that all are not ready for change and we have to try to be understanding as much as possible. Mostly, this is just a reminder to myself to take it slow so that my swan dive does not turn into a belly-flop. Patience is not one of the virtues I often possess.
–Jane, splash