Today, it is cloudy and one of those days in which my job feels like it is waging a battle against me. I try to be a good subject librarian. I try to be responsive to the needs of my faculty. I order things they want. This morning, after doing some checking, I found out that some things I requested in November were not ordered until March. MARCH!

Acquisitions tries, but they are short staffed and that is not an answer I feel is appropriate for my faculty. What can I tell them? Our ordering system is so cumbersome and arcane that I can promise you nothing. Ever. So please stop asking me for items in October that you need for the Spring semester, we will never get them in time.

On top of that, a video that I got specifically for a professor has somehow disappeared in between Acquisitions, Access Services, and the shelf. Crap. She needs it, yesterday. Damn. Updated: Make that three missing videos.

Why can’t anything go according to the gorram plan?

–Jane, surly, but trying