Why I Come Here Every Day

Sometimes those of use involved in a lustful relationship with technology forget what it is like for those not tied up by virtual strings. I am insightful enough to realize that I have an evangelizing quality to my beliefs regarding technology and I feel self-righteous at times about those beliefs.

It is good and well that we, lovers of technology, step back and look at those who are not on our bandwagon with understanding eyes. We must also be educators and conversation starters in the most gentle of ways. We must not be pushy, full of jargon, or condescending.

I still believe that technology must be learned or ELSE, but this is my mental reminder to take it slow.

There was a Strategic Directions Forum at MPOW yesterday in which many of our opportunities for the future involve some very heady technology. I was worried that we might be thrown out on our ears, but with a little fun and explanation, people seemed enthusiastic about our ideas. I was so pleased and surprised.

I know that I work in a great place with some great people, but I think I underestimated their ability to see the future for what it is and be excited about it. I think that some of the technology might be hazy to many, but the ability to serve our users better through proper implementation of technologies has everyone smiling.

–Jane, *big toothy grin*