Michael Stephens’ OPAL Talk

Michael Stephens, not surprisingly, gave a very nice OPAL talk today to a record crowd of 335 cyber people. The topic was Ten Top Technology Trends for Librarians. He said there is a real push to innovate. Link to the OPAL archive. The talk is not up yet, but it was just completed 20 minutes ago. Michael has linked to some useful stuff on his blog.
I think that we have reached the tipping point in terms of technology and innovation. We will either be on the Cluetrain or waving sadly as it passes us into oblivion.

The Top 10

  1. Blogs
  2. RSS
  3. Wikis
  4. IM
  5. Podcasting (yay!)
  6. Open Source Software
  7. Devices (iPods, cell phones)
  8. Social Software (people live their lives online)
  9. Content (it is created and manipulated by users)
  10. Mash-ups
  11. Bonus: the Future of the ILS (gave Casey Bisson as the example)

Most of this stuff is not new to me, but it is new to most of the people in my library. I would like for there to be more discussion on staff training. It is all well and good to talk about these great technologies, but we must train our staff in the what and how before we expect them to use them to commect to our communities.

–Jane, choo choo