Reasons Why Engineers are Funny #11*

As many of you know, I am getting married to Mr. Rochester on April 29th. He finally got rid of the old bat in the attic** so we are free to live out our years in wedded bliss. We are having the rehearsal dinner at our house, a nice, laid back luau. There will be quite a few people, children, dogs, and celebrities*** in attendance.

Mr. R sent me an email today which contained the following sentence, ” I drew a schematic layout of our backyard with how it should be arranged for the rehearsal dinner party.”

I am not sure the words “schematic layout” should appear in the same paragraph as margarita machine, keg, Christmas lights, and umbrella. They tend to suck the joy out of things.

I wonder if he used graph paper for the layout.

–Jane, would bet money he did

*This number is completely made-up.

**No real bats were harmed for this exorcism.

***There will not be any real celebrities, unless you count my crazy Uncle Tim.