“And the times they are a’changin”

Michael Stephens talks about five phrases he never wants to hear again in libraries. Amen! The post that he was referencing from this blog appears at this link here from November.

It is a great post, Michael’s, not mine. Besides the five things (You have to go and read them yourselves, slackers. I can not do all your work for you), he also says something else which caught my eye.

I was IMing (!) with Thomas in Norway a few weeks ago and he posited that librarians and libraries are heading for a huge change. I agreed, worried that many don’t recognize what’s happening at all. I hope that as many librarians as possible will start thinking about change and planning for the future.

Bob Dylan knew it. Michael knows it. Thomas apparently knows it. I know it. Who’s with us!?

This is the tipping point. This. Moment. In. Time. Breathe deep, my friends because we are about to go hurtling over the cliff of change. The question is thus: Are you going to be smashed against the rocks in your ignorance to notice the ledge as you walk off it or will you will sail gently down with your parachute unfurled, enjoying the view.

I am going to enjoy the view.

–Jane, goldfish under arm in bowl