K.I.S.S. for Libraries

(redo post due to problems)

This post, from Aaron Schmitt, is from earlier this month, but what a great message!

Let’s Make Libraries Easy. I’m not a big fan of when people throw their arms up in the air and proclaim, “Libraries can’t be everything to everyone” because, duh, it’s a totally obvious statement. (emphasis in original)

Aaron also includes 5 ways we can make libraries easier to use. Here are five of my own:

1. If you work in a public institution, make sure some of your computers do not require a log in to use. They are “for the public” and do not put restrictions on the use of the computers. For example: No Email on These Terminals!
2. Provide both quiet and group study areas.
3. Provide outlets near the sitting areas for laptops and other devices.
4. Provide ethernet plugins. Do not assume everyone has a laptop with wireless.
5. Design your virtual spaces to be easily navigable and use common language, not library jargon.

Bonus: In an effort to be succinct, do not create so many signs in so many different fonts, shapes, and colors, that people read none of them, suspecting them all to be graffiti.

–Jane, looks like graffiti