This Is How My Morning Went

Thanks to Karen, who suggested I look in my Bloglines cache for my old posts, I restored the ones that were lost in the ether. I belatedly realized I could edit the timestamps, so I did that as well. Sorry if those of you reading this via RSS had to see a couple things twice. Lord knows I would not read this stuff once.

Sometimes technology drives me crazy. I am not one to labor over directions if I can avoid it, so I tend to click first and learn by trial and error. From a new camera, to my iPod shuffle, to new software, I try to avoid reading those manuals that appear in so many languages.

I am learning to use BlogBridge for the ALA Library 2.0 Bootcamp project. (Separate post forthcoming.) I had some problems adding feeds initially (remember when I said I click first) but after actually listening to the podcast set up to walk us through the “correct” way to add feeds, I am in business.

I know I should be more patient with technology sometimes, but I want it to be so easy I do not need directions. I want library resources to be the same way. I support instruction in libraries (It’s what I do, Darlin’. It’s what I do.), but I think our systems should be so easy you do not NEED an hour class to learn how to navigate them to find one article.

I see I am getting off topic. Now is a good time to stop.

–Jane, end of the line. Stop.