A Child, On Being Treated Like

(below you will find a ranty rant)

I do not want to wait for IT to install things on my computer. I do not want to call them every time I need a new version of Quicktime or to put software on my computer that I need for a class, only to have it not work the next day because my permissions have been put back to their original “drudge” level.

I am not a child and do not appreciate being treated like an idiot with a box. Yes, there are some people who would be unable to handle this responsibility, but give them a chance and if they mess up their machine, they can have it revoked.

How about a little staff training instead of a locked down technology policy that takes up my time? How about we punish the people actually making the mistake instead of the ones who are stuck with a policy created for the handful of idiots that would not know a CPU if it dropped on their toe.

And yes, I completely see the irony in me whining like a child over being treated like one.

–Jane, still feels justified in whining