Home at Last

I survived the family, the in-laws rearranging my kitchen, the rings arriving late to the ceremony, the ceremony itself, reception fun, the after party, and a day of travel to Scotland. I am now a Mrs. Lord help me. Seriously, I will need it.

Scotland was predictably fabulous. I will try to sum it up for you in one minute or less.

We explored four castles Edinburgh, Sterling, Urquhart (ruins), and Cawdor (in which the holding family still lives and is rumored to be the inspiration for the castle in which Hamlet kills Duncan in Shakespeare’s work). We went on two tours in Edinburgh, the Ghost and Ghouls and the Literary Pub Tour, one involved darkness and rain and the other, pints of joyous ale. We walked all over Culloden and it was as cool as I thought it would be, visited the Clava Cairns, Beauly Priory (ruins and seat of the Lovat Frasers of which fans of Gabaldon might recognize), searched to no avail for Nessie (though we did bring home a stuffed rendition for Pullo), saw Highland Cows, hiked around Holyrood Park, and visited Rosslyn Chapel (famous for being completely amazing and being in The DaVinci Code). We ate haggis (delicious), steak and ale pie (fabby), neeps, tatties, Scottish Breakfast (which I miss already), and some great ethnic food from other places.

Scotland was everything I hoped it would be and Mr. Rochester was very nice to have let me have my dream vacation. We had great food, drank even better beer, and met some nice people. We even had sunny weather for about 5 days in a row.

I am hitting the ground running. It is good to be back. I should have pictures up on Flickr by Monday.

–Jane, cheers