Do not ask what you can do for your library…

Sometimes I wonder about the people that are steering the boat. Sometimes I am a happy sailor and sometimes I am grumbling as I take my turn at the oar. (I am just full of the metaphors today) My friend, eprahs, points out one of the many insane things that happen in academic libraries.

In the caste system that is an academic library, it becomes clear that one is compensated not for the job they do within the institution, but for the professional reputation they achieve outside the institution… Taken to its extreme, it makes perfect sense that the person at MPOW that does the least and has the fewest responsibilities is perceived as being at the pinnacle of scholarly achievement.

Ah, academia. The sweet smell of tenure and continuing appointment that says, “Hey, you wrote that important paper years ago and you have earned the right to get paid to sit on your arse for the rest of your unnaturally long life.”

–Jane, too young to rest upon undeserved laurels