What I Really Said

I was going to stay out of this conversation for awhile for various reasons, but I feel that what I said in my previous post about ALA has been misrepresented. Kathleen Gilroy said on the main Bootcamp blog that I “criticized [them] for not providing any value.”

That was not the point of that post. I think the ALA Library 2.0 Bootcamp is important and the work being done there is essential. I never said it did not have value. I would not be working so hard on something that I believed to have no value.

What I did say was that ALA makes things more complicated than it needs to be and that I disliked some of the software choices. I stand by my opinions.

The fact that we are endeavoring to learn online with the world watching will invite criticism, applause, and conversation. That is the nature of the web. Love it. Hate it. But you have to accept it. There it is and that will not change.

Unfortunately, I think I may closely administer comments for this post. But maybe not.

–Jane, percolating