Book Review – Anansi Boys

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

This is a good book in classic Gaiman style with lots of references to literature, cultural icons, myths, and, of course, Anansi himself. I did not, however, finish the book due to a combination of my being unable to renew the copy I took from the library and that the novel itself is too easy to put down. I did not feel compelled to stay up, wringing my hands as the main character, Charlie, learns the true nature of his origins and then must deal with the consequences. I am a fickle reader and that is the way it is.
This book is good for people who do not have a ton of time to read. It is easy to put down and pick back up a few days later. If you have a small child, like my boss who loved the book does, it is also easy to read in small snippets. You know, in between the kid eating dirt and then playing in the street, so I will give this book a somewhat recommended rating.

Somewhat recommended – not suggested reading if you are looking for something to carry you away