The green, no red, no, green wire!

I finally feel like I can breathe a bit, so today it is back to work as usual.

My library has a new Content Management System for our web page that allows the staff to be in charge of their own pages and content. The web guys (well, gals and guy) are just tickled that they do not have to fix words, change hours, and manage the minutia of our site. The staff are happy because we now have the control!

I am holding two training sessions for the staff on how exactly this thing works. Do not touch the red button or everything will explode! I managed, through some cajoling (whining), to get a wide range of staff levels to attend. I hope they go forth and spread the good word.

In the process of making the handout, I learned how to use a new program called SnagIt. I have seen it mentioned before. You can get a 30 free trial and I highly recommend it to people who teach. Excellent features that allow you to manipulate and add things to your screen captures. The captures come out very clear as well, which makes them perfect for handouts and presentations.