Does IT Speak Klingon or Is It Just Me?

I know that many, many technology problems can be summed up by the following:

  • User Error
  • Handy ReBoot

However, I am not an idiot when it comes to technology. I know that sometimes I just can not figure something out or I mucked something up. I am always willing to admit that I am at fault, but I know to reboot and retrace my steps. I thought my IT guys knew this about me, but they still tell me to reboot no matter what problem I pose to them. Problem with the internet? Reboot. Printer redirecting for no reason? Reboot. World War Three pending? Reboot.

Is it laziness on their part because they do not want to come to my office or a belief that anyone outside of their department is a computer idiot? Maybe it is a combination of both.

Hey guys. I already rebooted before I sent in the Help Desk ticket. I would not ask you for help if it was something simple like that so just come look at my machine and stop screwing around. Ok?

I think this is endemic of the disconnect between IT, within or without, and the library. Sometimes we seem to be speaking the same language and then suddenly, one group starts speaking Klingon and everything goes all to hell.

–Jane, borghel