Bootcamp, Librarians, and Learning

Teresa Koltenburg has a post about Bootcamp up on the ALA Techsource Blog. I have a small quote there about OPML files and I manage to not sound like a complete idiot. Hooray for me! One small step.
I was actually very interested to see what my fellow students had to say. There have been some frustrations with the course on many levels, but we are all learning.

My group, whose wiki can be found here, is working on different ways libraries can integrate their services into major search engines. We had a phone conference on Friday with Michael Stevens and Jenny Levine. After our instructors left us, the group continued to talk for another 20 minutes or so about technology, libraries, and where things are going. It reminded me of the reason why I love librarians so very much. Regardless of whether we agree, we are always looking to improve things for our users. Like doctors, we look for better ways to serve, better ways to help people.

–Jane, helps