These Are the Days

Pat O’Brian’s

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Even though we had some traffic, we got into New Orleans with little trouble. I have been in the city before, as a pedestrian under the influence of alcohol, and I do not recall, in my sober state, the rods being so unmanageable. After negotiating the signless roads, I got all the respective occupants of my car safely to their destinations. I checked into my own hotel, changed out of my road clothes, and headed for the Instruction Section Soiree which was down Bourbon Street at Pat O’Brian’s.

The Soiree, really just a happy hour with a fancy name, was a nice mix of people who have been in IS for a awhile and newbies like me. Thanks to my boss, who knows all the good people, I was able to talk to the incoming chair of the section. We talked about what IS could be doing, namely, not talking to ourselves so much, and using our power to evangelize instruction to other areas of ALA. I also suggested we do more training stuff so we can keep our good instructors interested in the section. I hope I did not just volunteer myself for something.

–Jane, glad to be here