The Sordid Tale of the Bloggers Bash

Paul and Jason

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The Blogger Bash last night was great. There was more official talking than usual because Leslie Burger wanted to thank us for being there and the Gulf Coast librarians who were there each had time to tell us about their library’s experience with Katrina. It was nice, but it was 11:15 and the natives starting getting restless. We behaved ourselves though. The Gulf Coast librarians had some stories of woe and triumph to tell. They have gotten so many books from all over but they do not have room for everything they recive. If you want to help out the libraries, they have a site you can access to see what they need and many of the libraries have Amazon lists.

These two hooligans I know. It is this guy and this guy. I knew I was in trouble when they starting ganging up on me, but I used the power of the pigtails I was sporting to fend them off. Most of the usual suspects were there, many of them were not. It was interesting mix of old and new.

As always, this was my favorite gathering. I managed to get back at a reasonable hour, get some sleep, and have enough energy to make my 9:30 meeting.

–Jane, is posting some of her posts our of order, sorry