Sunday Run Down

Mona Lisa Pizza

Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre.

Last night we trekked to the end of the French Quarter to eat at the Mona Lisa. I have not had pizza that good for a long while. It was cheap, well worth the walk, and was swimming in character. The walls are covered with different variations of that mysterious woman. Some are disturbing. Some are beautiful.

After dinner, I went to the Innovative party. There were drinks (of which I had a couple) and desserts (of which I had none).I ran into some LITA folks and some of the librarians from MPOW. I was hoping one of the Innovative employees would come around so I could talk to them about some of the changes they are making with their product. Alas, it did not happen.

Then began the comedy of errors. I went to the Hilton on the Riverwalk looking for the Party for the Bootcamp people. The room number I had did not exist in that hotel. I double checked my schedule and realized I was at the wrong hotel. I sweated my way down to the Marriott by the convention center, only to be told I was yet again at the wrong place. Why do you two Marriotts in the same city with the exact same name?

I finally found the right place and all was well. The ALA L2 Bootcamp group was tired but lively. We talked about the technology, what we learned, the things we do at work, and the things we are looking forward to doing. It was nice to put faces with names and relax.

I dropped into bed a little before 1 am and slept soundly. I am now biding my time until the program I am moderating starts at 10:30: Next Stop Blogging. It should be great.