Busy Bits

While speaking with my sister yesterday, I was berated for not putting anything new here this week. Unlike me, she has nothing to do at work this week. I have been silent for two reasons, both of which are very exciting and nerve racking.

Reason #1 – I am a member of a Strategic Direction Steering Committee at my library and we released our final document yesterday to the masses. We are having an open forum today and tomorrow there are planning meetings for implementation between all those with power. I, of course, being a lowly librarian, will only get to hoot and throw tomatoes from the sideline. Soon, our strategic plan will be available from our website and I will link to it from there once it appears.
Reason #2 – MPOW is hosting the Texas Regional Immersion which starts on Friday. Not only am I helping to plan this Information Literacy extravaganza, but I am also participating in the conference. I have, how do you say, a shite load of work to do before I am ready for Friday. I plan on blogging some of the things at Immersion because it is such a closed door event. Only a handful of people are able to attend Immersion every year.

In other news, I have read some books and need to write some reviews here. Maybe, I will be able to accomplish this before Immersion starts.

–Jane, is a busy bee