What I Will Do Differently

Immersion is over. The librarians have departed for their home institutions and the library is back to normal. I posted a few reflective pieces last week, so I decided something more concrete was in order.

To say that I learned a lot during Immersion would be the grossest of understatements, but it is the experience that makes the impression, not the content alone. After some digestion of said content, I have made this list. A list of things I will change because of my experience at Immersion.

  • I will write better outcomes. I am already in the habit of writing outcomes for each of my classes, but now they will be more exact, with an action verb and a reason for the doing. This will force me to justify each thing I teach. Why do they need to learn X? So they can do Y!
  • I will consistently use various methods of assessment to place value on my outcomes. My assessment techniques will start out being simple. Note cards for the students to write down what they learned and what was left unlearned. I plan on giving my outline and outcomes to my faculty before the instruction session. After the session takes place, I will email them and ask them if they felt I addressed each outcome adequately.
  • I will address multiple learning styles in my classes. Though reflection is harder to work into a lesson than group exploration, I will try to find new ways to allow people who learn by reflection areas of respite from the group work.
  • I will strive to be more deliberate in my dealings with the politics of my organization. I think I already play this game well, but I should have a goal in mind, something I want to achieve. What am I about, anyway?
  • I will try to daily remember the reasons why I love my job and love teaching. This exercise should keep the cynical, angry reavers at bay.

I know Immersion is expensive, but if you can get institutional support and the time to go, I recommend it in the highest fashion.

–Jane, still dripping from the immersion