Tangled Up In Blue

Sometimes there are too many words and sometimes there are not enough.

There are a lot of things changing at MPOW. I think most are for the best, for individuals and for the organization. Some are unexpected and some come as no surprise. I am optimistic that good things are coming. It is my way to think good thoughts.

What is not my way is the silence. The lack of auditory planning. For some people, planning out loud is disruptive, frightening, because half formed ideas make people nervous. I also think that sometimes organizations on the upper levels see out loud brainstorming as weakness. From my point of view, it implies the exact opposite because a publicly acknowledged discussion invites input. Input makes employees feel valued. A little, “Hey do you have any ideas” sure would be nice. Sooner rather than later

I have to talk things through until they make sense. One of the reasons I keep this space is to have a place for all my thoughts, formed or not. I do not need to know what exactly will happen, things will happen pretty definitely, but I do need to know that someone with power to move is thinking about things and how my world will be.

Right now there is just the very loud roar of silence reverberating down the halls.

–Jane, frustrated in Houston