This Means Trouble

This Means Trouble

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This is my second go at this post, thanks to a crazy internets with tubes.

On Wednesday, I went out with some old friends. We get together every so often. This time, we were celebrating one of us getting married (me), one of us being home for a week from Iraq (not me), one of us getting a “real” job (are you kidding, so not me), and one of us buying a house (have already crossed that bridge). It was fun and there were drinks all around. That seemingly harmless bunch in the photo could very possibly be us.

We went to a place called Cosmo’s Café on Heights Blvd. They had an eclectic clientele, served juicy burgers, and wonderful homemade fries. I highly recommend it if you are in the area. I had a burger and about 5 or so beers for $20.

My friend who is home for a week from Iraq had a lot of stories to tell, some of which he has been unable to post on his blog. The British military refer to a Hummer as a Snatch. (insert inappropriate sexual joke here) Oh, the possibilities for hilarities on that are endless.

I asked my friend what the strangest thing about Iraq was. His response: There is no way to explain it to people over here. Well said.