In the Tubes

I am sans Mr. Rochester for the weekend as he is in Maryland. Pullo and I are going to lay around and watch Whedon shows until even he has them memorized.

Here is what is in the tubes for the weekend, in no particular order:

  • Finish the two library posts for this space that are hanging around as drafts.
  • Write my next post for TechSource before Teresa realizes I am a crazy loon.
  • Sit outside with a scotch, a petite cigar, a book, and my dog while the sun goes down.
  • Find the floor of the study. (I have been threatened with death or eviction if I do not do this by the time Mr. R is back. I make piles. Sue me.)
  • Find the floor of my closet. (see above)
  • Go to Miranda and Micah’s wedding.
  • Go to church. No sleeping in young lady!
  • Make cookies and muffins for “Hi, I am your librarian” baskets for faculty.
  • Write some thank you cards from my own wedding.

Of course, all of this is contingent upon the fact that my intentions not get stuck in the internet of tubes. Anyone have Drano on hand?

–Jane, last week one of my employees sent me an internet… (man, that NEVER is going to get old or unfunny)