A Letter to Vendors

Dear Vendors,

If you ever happen to send a representative to MPOW, I would like to suggest to you the easiest way to convince me to purchase your product. Simply send two young, nice looking men with British (or Scottish or Australian for that matter) accents who know the products. I am, how do you say…. easily persuaded by a nice British accent.

If you would like an example of a company that is employing this technique with good success, please see Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Mathew Drury and Daniel Scott were very informative and made an excellent case for their new product.

It is also helpful to have a demonstration which is to the point and on the right level for people who work with information for a living. We know how most things work, so please just give us the highlights, keep your PPT to a minimum, and show live demos if possible (the gentleman above employed all of these techniques). I would also suggest that your representatives be able to answer both mundane and technical questions.


Jane Eyre

p.s. I have a running theory that anything, no matter how bad, sad, or ridiculous, sounds better when said in a British or Scottish accent.

p.p.s. True Story: Once during a vendor demo, the librarians at MPOW noticed that Mexico was not included in a database that was supposed to cover business info under NAFTA and other North American company statistics. When asked why this was the case, the representative said, “Mexico is not part of North America.” Really? I could have sworn… Most of us stopped listening after that.