Really? More of this?

There has been some hub bub over at Forbes magazine. You can read about it here, here, and here. I, like Walt, will not give them link love for this kind of shit. It is drivel like this that makes me want to sputter incoherent words and wonder why I even try.

The other problem is that it strikes at the fear that many women who work and want to/have kids hide. Can I really do both? Will I be neglecting my family? I grew up in a two earner household and I had a supermom who worked a full day and continued to work all night with little or no help from my dad. It was just the way things were for my family. Mr. Rochester is a partner in every way and we split duties because we would not be married otherwise. We are partners. We share the yoke (and sometimes the yolks).

Regardless, I have angst. I think many women do. What we really need are supportive partners not men who believe they can blame all their problems on women. There are individuals on all areas of the gender spectrum who are guilty of behaving badly in marriage and not giving their children their proper attention, so let’s not pretend that women are the only ones at fault.

–Jane, anything else and I will just be sputtering