Saturday Bits


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Today involved washing the puppy who was beginning to smell like a stinky dog and napping. Contrary to the appearances in this picture, he does not like to get baths, but he does like to attack the hose.

Today marked the beginning of something wonderful, the College Football Season. At the Rochester Estate, it has been nothing but football, football, football. The Aggies played a little rough, but pulled out a win. Hopefully, we will improve after this first showing. This season marks the first time since he was a college freshman, many, many years ago, that Mr. R has not had season tickets.

Gentle readers, this is what getting married causes, a lack of football enjoyment. Instead of standing for three plus hours in the heat, hung over, and screaming until you get darting pains in your head, you are entertained by washing the dog and listening to the game on the radio.

What has this world come to?

–Jane, what indeed