Lurving Meebo

Well, I just received a very interesting phone call from a one Daniel Bernstein. Daniel, it seems, works for Meebo. Regular readers know that I lurve Meebo. It is the only chat interface I use now and I have been considering adding the new widget they released, Meebo Me, to the sidebar on this blog. I had a gushy “OMG I totally love you moment,” but hopefully I was sensible after that.

He mostly wanted to know about librarians, what we do, how we do it, and what is this ALA/LITA thing. It was lovely. I wish other social software companies cared as much how people are using their tools. Heck, I wish ILS vendors cared so much that they found the co-chair of a tiny interest group which dealt with their stuff and called them up for a chat too.

–Jane, I am waiting Innovative

p.s. Because Mr. R thinks librarians throw our initialisms around like candy:

ILS – Integrated Library System, sometimes substituted for OPAC and visa versa

OPAC – Online Public Access Catalog, see above